Are you joining us from Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center? Use the contact form so we can assist with setting up your account and answer other questions you may have.

Q: How do I set up a team owner account?

  • Go to my account tab and create an account for the account owner.
  • While signed in choose a membership level and check out.
  • My account/Teams/Add Member
    • Enter new team member unique email
      • Choose role of manager or member
      • Activate account through confirmation email
      • Log into new member account and choose course with a discount now applied and checkout (will need to log out of owner account if using the same device)
    • To use same email for all accounts
      • Copy registration link
      • Log out or use another computer
      • Go to registration link
      • Register new user with a unique username
      • Choose course with discount now applied and checkout
    • Owners/Managers have to login to each members account to view progress and print awarded certificates

Q: How do I resume where I left off?

  • Login to your account
  • Click the Resume button above the tabs on the My Account page

Q: What courses offer a certificate?

  • Professional Pet Boarding Certification Level 1
  • Professional Pet Boarding Certification Level 2
  • Safe Group Play in the Pet Care Facility – Managing Group Play
  • Establishing Safe Group Play – Facility Design and Policies
  • Understanding Canine Body Language in the Pet Care Facility

Q: Can I demo a course?

  • Use code FREE to receive $19.95 off an Individual Level 1 Course

Q: Can I take the courses on my phone?

Yes, the course material is mobile device friendly.

Q: Where can I download my certificates?

You can download your certificates on your My Account page under the My Certificates heading.

Q: How are courses priced?

Courses are priced per student. Special discount pricing available for team memberships; which gives a percentage discount once members have joined the team.